Farda School was founded in response to the social mission of Mah Taab Group. Farda School has a fully workshop atmosphere, and students attend school in the form of half-day outing. Based on the results and feedback received from the target community and other visitors, Farda School is considered as one of the successful approaches of the Mah Taab Group in social responsibility.

Goals of activity
– Spend a half-day fun and excitement for visiting students.
– Create an attractive, dynamic, and purposeful environment to stimulate the curiosity of the students and to persuade them to create ideas and practices within the workshops of the school.
– Emphasize the diversity and variety of talents and the need to pay attention to the individual differences and uniqueness of each student.
– Strengthening motivation, autonomy, independence, and student’s selection through active participation in practical workshops.

Target community
Pre-school students up to the third grade level in the geographical area of the Rudshur power plant

Year of activity

Place of activity
Rudshur Power Plant

Activity status