Energy Park is set in a spectrum in one side of which there are fairgrounds and in the other side, science laboratories are situated. This collection tries to exploit the benefits of both sides to have necessary attractions for visiting audience and to offer enlivening atmosphere for playing and acquiring experiment.
The installed equipment in this park demonstrates scientific and technological aspects in a beautiful manner and can increase learning motivation and enthusiasm in students. Also, all equipment in the energy park have been built inside the country and display the expertise domestic experts. Also, due to security constraints in sensitive areas, perhaps for many students, this is the only chance to enter a power plant. Using the experience of the Rudshur Energy Park, the Shobad Energy Park in Kahnouj (Shobad power plant) has been operated.

Goals of activity
– Spend a half-day of amusement, fun and exciting for visiting students
– Create entertaining and dynamic environment for students to encourage and attract practical participation in production or transfer of energy on a scale of park equipment
– Create an attractive, lively and purposeful environment for stimulating the curiosity and searching spirit of students in the field of energy and some concepts of physics.
– Emphasize the diversity and variety of talents and the need to pay attention to the individual differences and uniqueness of each student
– The objective and empirical transfer of the concept of energy, renewable energy and some physics concepts to students
– Strengthening motivation, autonomy, independence and student’s selection through active participation in practical workshops

Target community
Preschoolers up to the ninth grade and within the geographic scope of the Shobad power plant including the towns of Kahnouj, Jiroft, Qaleh Ganj and etc.

Year of activity

Place of activity
Shobad Power Plant

Activity status