The construction of solar panels and the sale of energy produced by the systems in the form of a 20-year contract to the Ministry of Energy for female headed households supported by Komite Emdad charity organization is a collaborative nature of the project, through the role of all the components and elements that are effective and relevant, guaranteeing the goal. In this plan, each participant participates in the implementation process, due to their organizational nature and the memorandum they make.

Goals of activity
– Empowering and strengthening the economic independence of women. The goal of the activity is to create 20 years of reliable income and social empowerment and to strengthen the sense of dignity and self-esteem of women through the transformation of the cycle of clients (help seeker) to the electricity producer
– Socio-economic impacts in the local community through the deployment of solar system technology in villages and providing a new pattern of capital investment and income generation

Target community
Female headed households supported by Komite Emdad charity organization

Year of activity

Place of activity
Kahnouj city and the southern cities of Kerman province

Activity status
The pilot project started in the form of the construction of 11 solar systems in 3 villages in Kahnouj and Ravar cities in April of 2017 and was operational in the first half of July.
The original program for the construction of 2000 solar systems has begun on October 2017, and its implementation process is ongoing.