MahTaab, Beyond Electricity Generation

Petro Andookht Parto Co. was established in January 2016, in order to carry out activities regarding oil and gas in the scope of commerce, investment, and production.
The company mostly aims at production, import, export, and investment in the field of oil products such as Fuel Oil, Heavy Oil, Gasoline, Gas Oil, etc.
In line with optimizing the potential benefits of the oil and gas market in the United Arab Emirates (as one of the leading oil players in the region), the company has already cooperated with some of the reputable domestic and international companies in the UAE.

Completed projects:

  • Transit and export of fuel oil, produced by Kurdistan local manufacturers.
  • Export of more than 50,000 tons of fuel oil, produced in Tabriz and Salafchegan refineries in 2016 and approximately 150,000 tons in 2017.
  • Cooperating with domestic producers in order to produce Fuel Oil and export it to the Persian Gulf countries.