Oil & Gas Division

The oil and gas field, as the main Iranian industry and development axis of Iran has always been under the focus of investors. Therefore, in recent years, in order to diversify the Mah Taab Group activities, this scope is at the forefront of the company management.

Taking into account the existing international commitments and approvals, the forecast of the Mah Taab Group is that in the near future, green hydrocarbons will be used by the downstream industries where natural gas and low sulfur hydrocarbons are amongst these products. Therefore, the company’s goals have been shaped by activities in the aforementioned fields. In addition, entry into the downstream field of the petrochemical industry is one of the main programs of this division.

The Oil & Gas Division is currently involved in two below projects:

  • LNG production and export
  • Desulfurization of heavy fuel oils

Investigating of the other potential oil and gas projects, which meet the standards of the of Mah Taab Group, is also a main activity of this division.


Group Companies

Oil & Gas Division Subsidiaries