MahTaab, Beyond Electricity Generation

Arian MahBaad Company, has constructed Siahpoush Wind Farm in Qazvin province (Tarom). The power plant with the capacity of 61.2 MW including 18 wind turbines (each 3.4 MW) has been connected to the national Grid and started to generate energy since May 2018.
In the development phase of this power plant, seven wind turbines (each 3.2 MW) with the nominal capacity of 4.22 MW has been planned. Furthermore, the development of solar power plants is also under study.


  • Supply of part of demanded electricity in the country
  • Generation of reliable electricity at a competitive rate
  • Development of renewable resources and clean energy production


  • Having a considerable share in energy supply
  • Providing satisfactory and appropriate services to customers
  • Human resources empowerment and growth