MahTaab, Beyond Electricity Generation

MahTaab Kahnouj Power Generation Co. was established in 2007. This company is the owner of the largest investment in the southern part of Kerman province, Shobad Power Plant.

Operation of the first phase of this power plant began in winter of 2013. The first gas turbine was operated in winter 2014 and the second one was operated in spring 2015. The steam turbine was connected to the network in September 2016.

In the year 2016, MahTaab Kahnouj was the first company of MahTaab Group that became a public stocks company and 5% of its shares were transferred to the stock exchange and the company now has more than 6,000 shareholders.


  • Supply of part of demanded electricity in the country
  • Generation of reliable electricity at a competitive rate


  • Having a considerable share in energy supply
  • Providing satisfactory and appropriate services to customers
  • Human resources empowerment and growth