MahTaab Mines and Mineral Industries Development Company was established to diversify MahTaab Group’s business and to operate in the field of metal mines such as copper, iron, gold, lead and zinc, as well as setting up mining industries.

This company, having obtained a certificate of technical and financial competence from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade and the Organization of Mining Engineering of Iran.

Currently in addition to planning for invest in the mining industry, this company has registered a number of exploration areas that are under investigation and studies.


  • Creating the necessary grounds for the development of investment in the mining and mineral resources sector and participation in mineral development projects
  • Creating a competent specialized company in order to carry out activities and development in the mining industry


  • Ownership and exploitation of mines
  • Obtaining a suitable share among mining companies in the country
  • Promotion of added value through mineral processing, productive and sustainable employment
  • Optimum exploitation of mineral resources and capacities of Iran's mining industries