During the last years, the growth of Iran’s rural communities and reaching a comprehensive model in accordance with the cultural and geographical environment of the local community has been on the agenda of various scientific and executive institutions. In line with the social responsibility of the MahTaab Group, two villages in Kohnouj city were targeted to study and implement the plan. In this plan, solar power plants were installed on the roofs of village mosques and the income used to find the groundwork and develop the capacity of social businesses in the village.

The youth group of Kahurabad Chah Choopan village, after implementing small business plans and measuring the shortcomings of each plan, reached the gap of general capabilities necessary for business management, and the result of this experience was the idea of building a center for empowering and learning the villagers. This group put the construction of Varnayan (Youth) Cultural Center on the agenda by bringing together the local community and examining various projects.

In this building, two rooms were built with local architectural to match the landscape and geography of the region. One of these rooms is used as a village library and study hall and the other is used for holding meetings and screening movies. Also, to standardize and secure this collection, today’s materials have been used in a consolidated manner.

Varnayan Cultural Center is a public place for the gathering of villagers, which provides learning for different classes and at different levels, so that the achievement is to increase the ability to increase the quality of life and increase productivity in their business.