Despite that MahTaab is an economic company, it does not think only about profit and financial success, and from the beginning of its formation, it considered providing social services to surrounding local communities as one of its duties, and believes that this idea should be applied as a value in all industries of the country.

Due to their industrial nature, power plants are generally built on the outskirts of cities. Establishing daily communication and appropriate interaction with this local community requires the use of appropriate methods. Therefore, “Energy Park” is MahTaab ‘s special approach for this need and the intended social base to create an initial and respect-based relationship with the local audience. Audiences in the form of students, teachers and families can visiting Energy Park.

In a special initiative, MahTaab Group has opened the doors of its power plants to the community, while respecting safety and security issues. Visitors will encounter an attractive place between a science laboratory and an amusement park, and they will touch and test many of the things they have read theoretically in textbooks with different equipment and watch animations.

According to the main mission of MahTaab Group, our emphasis is on the concepts and basics of energy, especially electrical energy and visitors will produce, convert or transfer energy in the Energy Park’s equipment scale. Visiting MahTaab Energy Parks is free and in addition, all visitors are covered by insurance during their stay in the Energy Park, so that everything is available to create a memorable experience for the clients.

Of course, visiting Energy Parks is not limited only to concepts related to energy. According to the location of the park, local capacities and time conditions, some initiatives will also complement the visit programs to help build a better generation for the future of our homeland. For example, in some energy parks and in order to convey environmental teachings to visitors, environmental campaigns such as “No to plastic”, “Clean beach” and “Plastic-free city”, to sensitize visitors (especially students) to the problem Garbage has been run.

In this regard, the visiting students have been requested to separate the dry waste of their homes and deliver it to the Energy Park as a symbolic entrance ticket. Also, during the visit, they get to know the methods of reducing waste and creating a healthier environment.

Being dynamic is very important for MahTaab. For this reason, in addition to welcoming the suggestions of visitors and the local community, it tries to make tangible changes in the type and number of equipment and provide the necessary attractions for visitors to visit again over time. In this regard, some equipment specific to each park is moved in one-year periods between energy.

So far, the Energy Parks has been launched in Rudshur combined cycle power plant (Zarandieh city in Markazi province), Shobad combined cycle power plant (Kahnuj city in Kerman province), Siahpoush wind farm (Tarem Sofla section in Qazvin province) and Caspian combined cycle power plant (Nowshahr city in Mazandaran province) and it is decided to build more parks in the future.

Our belief in MahTaab is that the industry is not separate from the society and we are trying to spread this idea among all industries of the country with tools like the Energy Park and our other initiatives.

Rudshur Energy Park was set up in Rudshur Power Plant in Zarandieh City in 2016. The audience of these parks are 4th grade up to 12th grade students. Schoolteachers are scheduled to attend half-day scientific camps in these parks with the students.

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