Kahnouj Power Plant


MW Capacity
% Efficiency
% Availability


Due to the immediate need of Kahnouj region and to prevent power outages in summer 2007, a 50 MW power plant was constructed in a period of 9 months. The first unit connected to the Grid in June 2007 and the second unit in September 2007.

Once again, in 2012, due to severe shortage of electricity in Kahnouj region, Mah Taab Gostar Company was assigned by Tavanir Company to construct a new 25 MW unit, which was purchased from abroad by Mah Taab Kahnouj Company, on an emergency basis and connected to the Grid in March 2013.


  • To supply part of national electricity demand
  • Stabilization of the 20 KV voltage in Kahnouj City


Chah Rigan Road, Behdari Square, Kahnouj, Kerman, Iran On Map

Project Phases

Specifications of Project Phases

Phase 1

  • Efficiency: 22.4 %
  • Availability: 95%
  • Capacity under ISO conditions:

    75 MW

  • Type:

    Simple Cycle

  • Number and type of units:

    3 Units of GE-F5

  • Capacity of each unit:

    25 MW