Urmia Power Plant

In Operation / Under Construction

MW Capacity
% Efficiency
% Availability


The current capacity of the Urmia power plant is 1274 MW, which consists of 4 units of V94.2 with 157.5 MW capacity, 2 units of V94.2 (NIAM Mode) with 162 MW capacity and 2 steam units with 160 MW capacity.

With the construction and operation of the remaining steam turbines, which includes a steam unit of 160 MW, the nominal capacity of the power plant will reach 1434 MW, and its efficiency will increase to 48%.


  • To supply part of electricity demand in northwest of the country
  • Possibility of electricity export to neighboring countries


Rashkan Industrial Zone, 35KM from Urmia to Mahabad Road, Urmia, Azarbayejan Gharbi Province, Iran On Map

Project Phase

Power Plant Specifications

Phase 1

  • Efficiency: 33 %
  • Availability: 92%
  • Capacity under ISO conditions:

    954 MW

  • Type:

    Simple Cycle

  • Number and type of units:

    6 Units of V94.2 Mapna

  • Capacity of each unit:

    4 Units with 157.5 MW and 2 Units with 162 MW

Phase 2

  • Efficiency: 48 %
  • Availability: 95%
  • Capacity under ISO conditions:

    480 MW

  • Type:

    Combined Cycle

  • Number and type of units:

    3 Units of Mapna Steam Turbine

  • Capacity of each unit:

    160 MW