520 Female-Headed Households Joined the Country’s Electricity Producers

520 Female-Headed Households Joined the Country’s Electricity Producers

In line with the social responsibility of Mah Taab Group, 520 systems of 5 kW solar power plants belonging to the female-headed households of the Kerman province were constructed and connected to the country’s electricity grid in March 2019.

These power plants were built with cooperation of Mah Taab Group,  Mah Taab Sazan Iranian Charity Foundation, Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA), South and North Kerman Electricity Distribution Companies, Hirbodan Company, Solar Gostar Alborz Company, Niroo Pars Yazd Company, Energy Novin MehrAbad Company, Rastak Ghodran Kariman Company and Ertebatat Gosaste Kariman Company and a coordinated project was launched in 90 days. The fund was in the form of a loan and the owners will repay loans by revenue from electricity production.

The plan aims to empowering and strengthening the economic independence of women. The goal of the activity is to create 20 years of reliable income and social empowerment and to strengthen the sense of dignity and self-esteem of women through the transformation of the cycle of clients (help seeker) to the electricity producer, Socio-economic impacts in the local community through the deployment of solar system technology in villages and providing a new pattern of capital investment and income generation.

The following power plants are located in Kahnuj (125 systems), Sirjan (63 systems), Orzuieh (55 systems), Bardsir (54 systems), Halil (54 systems), Jiroft (40 systems), Anbarabad (37 systems), Zarand (27 systems), Esmaili (23 systems), NajafShahr (17 systems), JabalBarez (13 systems), Rafsanjan (8 systems) and Anar (4 systems).

It is noteworthy that the pilot project was implemented in the form of the construction of 11 solar systems in 3 villages of Kahnuj and Ravar in July 2017, which according to the results obtained in terms of production and revenue, sufficient justification for mass installation of the systems was achieved.

Mah Taab Group would like to appreciate all stakeholders and especially Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, Afzar Azma Company, Siemens Gamesa Company, Roshd Sanat Company and Mr. Firouz Irani for supporting and sponsoring in implementing of this project.