Thermal Division

MahTaab Group began its activity in the field of thermal power plants with the project of Rudshur power plant with 792 MW in the first phase.
In 2007, for the first time in the country, one of the largest national power plant projects in the private sector were used by installing three F-class gas units.
Currently after about 11 years, with the provision of financial resources and the use of the maximum capacity and ability of domestic experts and cooperation with foreign companies, the installed capacity of the thermal power plants of the subsidiary and affiliated companies of MahTaab Group is about 3,700 MW.
The MahTaab Group’s power plants consist of various large and small capacities of gas and combined cycle units. In order to build these plants, in addition to providing power to the needy areas of the country, the direct involvement of global companies and the transfer of new global experiences and strengthening self-confidence for the country’s electricity industry have been noted.