Urmia Power Plant

In Operation

MW Capacity
% Efficiency
% Availability


Urmia power plant with the capacity of 1495 MW, consists 6 Gas Turbines and 3 Steam Turbines. The overall efficiency of the power plant is about 48%.
The substation capacity of this power plant is 230 kilowatts and the required fuel of Urmia power plant includes gas and diesel, gas as the main fuel and diesel as an alternative.


  • To supply part of electricity demand in northwest of the country
  • Possibility of electricity export to neighboring countries


Rashkan Industrial Zone, 35KM from Urmia to Mahabad Road, Urmia, Azarbayejan Gharbi Province, Iran On Map

Project Phase

Power Plant Specifications

Phase 1

  • Efficiency: 32 %
  • Availability: 92%
  • Capacity under ISO conditions:

    1015 MW

  • Type:

    Simple Cycle

  • Number and type of units:

    6 Units of V94.2 Mapna

  • Capacity of each unit:

    1 Unit with 167.5 MW (UPG), 2 Units with 162 MW (NIAM) and 3 Units with 174.5 MW (T90)

Phase 2

  • Efficiency: 48 %
  • Availability: 95%
  • Capacity under ISO conditions:

    480 MW

  • Type:

    Combined Cycle

  • Number and type of units:

    3 Units of Mapna Steam Turbine

  • Capacity of each unit:

    160 MW