Second Kahnouj Without Plastic Campaign Held

Second Kahnouj Without Plastic Campaign Held

The second program of Kahnouj without plastic Campaign was held by the titular sweepers of Kahnouj on Saturday, July 9th, from TareBaar to Shobad Park.

The project, which was organized at the invitation of the MahTaab Sazan Iranian Charity Foundation, which was held in the name of Kohnouj without plastic, welcomed from 250 citizens of Kohnouj and were allowed to cross the Tarebar to Shobad Park. Employees of the Shobad power plant, schools, municipal staff, the environment office, the Kalmarz NGO and other organizations also participated in the project.

The program was launched with the assistance of the kind citizens of Kahnouj and Shobad power plant staff in coordination with the city’s executive agencies from 18:30 am to 20:30 am with the celebration.

Some of the goals of this plan are:

  • Clean the environment from plastic and other permanent waste and create a suitable landscape.
  • Cultivation in the field of production and consumption of waste plastics.
  • Streamlining at community level and creating a sustainable environmental model in Kahnouj city.

The MahTaab Sazan Iranian Charity Foundation hopes that this campaign will be held with the participation of Kahnouj citizens continuously, till the city is completely cleaned up.