MahTaab, Beyond Electricity Generation

Given the growing demand for electricity in the country and the issuance of privatization license in the electricity industry, Arian MahTaab Gostar Co. as the first private company to invest in the field of power generation, using the experiences of experts in this field, began it’s work in 2001.

Also, due to the government’s policy of supporting renewable energy, the group has expanded its activities to clean energy fields and has so far commissioned more than 366 MW of wind farms and hydro power plants and up to 68 MW by the beginning of 2018 has been operated.

The oil and gas sector is another area in which the MahTaab Group has entered and in addition to the product trade, several projects, including the project of LNG, are being pursued.

The MahTaab Group has a special focus on social responsibility and has socially cooperated with popular institutions, both in the projects areas and in other parts of the country.

The MahTaab Group has always tried to use top models in various fields as a leading organization. Another form of MahTaab Group policy is the agility and small size of the group and more outsourcing of executive activities.


  • Supply parts of national electricity demand
  • Generation of sustained electricity at a competitive rate


  • Having considerable share of national electrical energy supply
  • Providing of suitable service to customers
  • Growth & development of manpower