MahTaab, Beyond Electricity Generation

Sabz Mah Aab Energies Development Co. was established in August 2014. The aim of the company initially is to implement the project of Shahre-Bijar Hydro Power Plant and also to proceed with investing, participating, constructing and operating hydro power plants in the country.
Shahre-Bijar hydro power plant is located about 35 km from Rasht consisting of 3 units of Francis Vertical turbines and has the total capacity of 6.3 MW. The main equipment of the plant including turbine, generator, governor and control system have been supplied by a European company with the most updated technology.


  • Supply of part of demanded electricity in the country
  • Generation of reliable electricity at a competitive rate


  • Having a considerable share in energy supply
  • Providing satisfactory and appropriate services to customers
  • Human resources empowerment and growth