Shahr Bijar Hydro Power Plant

In Operation

MW Capacity
% Capacity Factor


Shahr Bijar Hydroelectric Power plant is located on 35 km from Rasht city and consists of 3 Francis Vertical Turbines and a total capacity of 6.3 MW.
Investing, designing, construction, installing and pre-commissioning and commissioning of all electromechanical equipment as well as initial commercial exploitation for 73 months is a description of the work of the Sabz Maah Aab Co..
Dam, pen-stock pipe, hydraulic agricultural valves, hydraulic valves and most of the buildings are ready. Also, according to the BOT contract, the ownership of the plant will be transferred to the investor at the end of the commercial operation. The main equipment of the plant such as turbine, generator, governor and control systems are from a European company with the updated technology. The height of the dam is 72 meters, the water flow rate is 3.3 m3/s for each unit and the rated capacity of each unit is 1.2 MW.


  • To supply electricity demand


Near Shahr Bijar Dam, Shahr Bijar Village, Rudbar, Gilan, Iran On Map

Project Phases

Specifications of Project Phases

Phase 1

  • Capacity Factor: 43 %
  • Availability: 75%
  • Capacity under ISO conditions:

    6.3 MW

  • Type:

    Hydro Power Plant

  • Number and type of units:

    3 Vertical Francis

  • Capacity of each unit:

    2.1 MW