Experiences and successful implementation of pilot project of 5 KW solar power plants for 9 female head of households in 3 villages of Kahnouj and Raver counties within the framework of a joint cooperation with IKRC (Iran’s largest governmental charity) from April till July 2017, set the ground for the construction of larger project in Kerman province.

With active cooperation of IKRC and MahTaab Sazan Iranian Charity Foundation, executive operations of this project for construction of 520 solar power plant in 9 counties and 125 villages of Kerman province were started in late autumn of 2018, and these power plants were utilized in March 2019.

IKRC with the participation of Mellat Bank and Mehre Iran Bank accepted the main task of financing the project. MahTaab Group used its experiences in the optimal execution of the project so that an example of successful team cooperation among several bodies and organizations is formed to establish a social activity.

The Objectives of Project:

  • Empowering and strengthening the economic and social independence of owners through creating 20 years sustainable income
  • Strengthening the sense of dignity and self-esteem of respectable owners by transforming the cycle of relief-seeker into an electrical power producer
  • Creating a suitable platform for the acquaintance of local community with new technologies and generation of clean energies nationwide

The Role of MahTaab Group:

  • Following up the execution of guaranteed purchase agreement between the Ministry of Power and the owners of solar power plants for a period of 20 years.
  • Following up of receiving facilities from banks for those introduced by IKRC.
  • Negotiations with domestic and foreign manufacturers to purchase quality equipment and getting discount for owners.
  • Project management in all stages including engineering design, election of contractors, election of supervising organization and in-time connection to the grid.
  • Holding a training course for the owners in order to proper utilization and maintenance of solar power plants.
  • Creating a centralized and online network infrastructure for technical support of all installed power plants.