After the occurrence of a terrible earthquake in Kermanshah, MahTaab Group, in collaboration with MahTaab Sazan Iranian Charity Foundation and Hirbodan Company, built 65 livestock keeping facilities for the residents of Gholeh-Rash-Vali Village in Salas Babajani County within 45 days to create a new model for post-accident employment. Each of the constructed buildings measures 45m2 and is with the capacity of 30 livestock and is resistant to earthquakes with a magnitude of up to 8 Richter.
In Gholeh-Rash-Vali Village, animal husbandry is the main source of income and employment for people; therefore, with the implementation of this project, an important part of the concern for employment and income security was met for earthquake-stricken people of this village.
This project finished in April 12th 2018 by delivering the livestock facilities to owners, and on the occasion of the completion of the project, on May 6th 2018, a public celebration took place in the project site with participation of all residents of the village.