Farda School was built at the heart of Rudshur power plant in 2007 and by modeling leading international practices and methods. This school has a workshop environment and its audience are teachers and students of pre-school up to 3rd grade students. Teachers and students attend this school in the form of half-day camps.

The goals of Farda School are:

  • Providing a different educational environment for teachers and students to make them familiar with modern teaching methods
  • Stimulating the curiosity and research spirit and focus on independency of students within the limits of workshop
  • Emphasis on diversity of talents and need for paying attention to individual differences of each student
  • Creating a fun and attractive environment

Contact information of Farda School:

Tel: +98 (21) 55223717

Fax: +98 (21) 56411598

E-mail: rud.csr@mah-taab.com