Siahpoush Wind Farm

In Operation

MW Capacity
% Capacity Factor


Siahpoush Wind Farm includes 18 wind turbines with a capacity of 3.4 MW manufactured by Siemens, which utilizes the latest gear-less technology, the ability to supply electricity for more than 75,000 households and prevents from producing more than 110 thousand tons of greenhouse gas per year. The produced electricity is injected to the power Grid by power plant’s direct 230/33 KV substation.


  • To supply clean and reliable electrical energy to Iran National Grid in Qazvin and Zanjan provinces


Next to Tarem Industrial Town, Lowshan-Tarem Road, Qazvin-Rasht Highway, Qazvin, Iran On Map

Project Phases

Specifications of Project Phases

Phase 1

  • Capacity Factor: 41 %
  • Capacity under ISO conditions:

    61.2 MW

  • Type:

    Wind Turbine

  • Number and type of units:

    18 Direct Drive SWT3.4-108 Siemens Wind Turbine

  • Capacity of each unit:

    3.4 MW