The construction of solar power plants and sale of energy produced by the systems in the form of a 20 years guarantee contract with Ministry of Energy for female head of households under the auspices of the IKRC is one of the decisions of MahTaab Group in implementing social responsibility.

In the first step, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the project, a pilot project started in the form of the construction of 9 solar power plants for the female head of households in 3 villages in Kahnuj and Ravar city in May 2017 and was operational in July 2017. The nature of the project is of a collaborative nature, to ensure the achievement of the goal through a fully functional and relevant role-play. In this plan, each participant participated in the process of implementation of the project, due to its organizational nature and memorandum.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Empowering and strengthening the economic and social independence of respectable women by creating 20-year sustainable earnings
  • Strengthening the sense of dignity and self esteem of respectable ladies through the conversion of the patient’s cycle to the electricity producer
  • Creating a suitable platform for local community acquaintance with new technologies and clean energy production nationwide

At the same time as the pilot plants were constructed, two solar power plants were built on the roof of the mosques in the village of Kahurabad and ChahChupan in the town of Kahnuj. According to defined goals, the 20 years revenue from these plants will be fully exploited to track and develop the capacity of social businesses in these villages.