Iran is one of the countries in the world that uses high volumes of disposable plastic items. Environmental protection became an alarm to operationalize #no_to_plastic Campaign in our offices and power plants in 2018, and after that “Plastic-free Kahnouj Campaign” was put into the plans of student visits of Shobad Energy Park. By using significant capacity of visiting students for trend setting and culture making in the field of reducing production and consumption of plastic, this campaign seeks to make Kahnouj a good example of a plastic-free city.
In parallel to implementation of the campaign in student visits, Shobad Power Plant and MahTaab Sazan Iranian Charity Foundation seek to internalize the campaign among the public and citizens of Kahnouj by conducting campaigns such as “Honorary Sweepers Plan” and “Trash-free Schools Challenge”.

The goals of these campaigns are:

  • Cleaning the environment from plastic and other long-lasting trash and creating proper landscapes
  • Making culture in the fields of reducing plastic consumption and producing less plastic waste
  • Trend setting at the level of community and creating sustainable examples of environment in Kahnouj County