Residents of Baghoo village in the southwest of the Kish Island, far from the city, provided their drinking water by tanker. After conducting the necessary studies by technical experts by MahTaab Kish Water and Power Company, we started drilling and piping operations with a total length of 2,000 meters. The pipes required for the project were prepared by the Kish Water Services Development Company and the drilling, piping and installation of branches for each consumer were carried out by the Kish Water and Power Company. This project took 4 months from the beginning of the studies to the full operation and the water of the village subscribers was supplied from the main branch of the power plant and the water desalination plant in the south of Kish Island.

At the end of May 2020, a branch of villagers houses, a mosque, a public toilet, an eco-tourism complex and an هndustrial livestock unit was established and in September of the same year, it was officially launched and inaugurated.